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IOT Solutions Company offers customized industrial internet of things solutions for a variety of platforms, applications, and sensors. In virtually any industry IOT Solutions Company is your partner for meeting your real time big data analytics requirements.

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About Us

Who we Are

IOT Solutions Company LLC is a cutting-edge Industry 4.0 organization. Utilizing the latest Big Data analytics software and edge devices to predict and prevent equipment and component failures. Our goal is to give the clients the tools required to enable them to make real time decisions and predict the useful life of their systems.
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Solutions for Different

Industrial Enviroments

Machine Learning and
Artificial Intelligence

We utilize all the latest ML and AI methodologies.

  • 1. Linear Regression
  • 2. Logistic Regression
  • 3. Decision Tree
  • 4. SVM
  • 5. Naive Bayes
  • 6. kNN
  • 7. K-Means
  • 8. Random Forest
  • 9. Dimensionality Reduction Algorithms
  • 10. Gradient Boosting algorithms
  • 1. GBM
  • 2. XGBoost
  • 3. LightGBM
  • 4. CatBoost

Alarm and Alert Management

The IOT Solutions Company platform will provide real time alerts and alarms as well as detect future anomalies that can save the customer on downtime and increase profitability.

Real Time Cloud Management and Communication

View all the data on the cloud and manage the data within the organization.

Open Platform to allow Clients Flexibility and Integration Options

Already have sensors installed, no problem, our agnostic platform can connect to virtually any sensor and communication protocol.

SMART Sensor Selection and Recommendation

In addition, we can recommend the best sensor options from our preferred sensor partners.


Cloud Based Platforms

Alert Management

Software As A Service

Customized “Intelligent” Solutions

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IOT Solutions Company LLC is an industrial internet of things organization dedicated to industry 4.0 solutions for its clients. We take a step by step approach in building and providing technical solutions with the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence platforms such as PYTHON. Our employees and our clients are paramount to the success of the organization!!!

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OUr Partners


Hydraulic Power Units

Gear Boxes

Electric Motors


Hydraulic Systems – Steel, Pulp & Paper, Petrochemical, Power Plants, Oil and Gas, Mining, Concrete, Mobile, etc.


Commercial Buildings – Gas Detection Systems

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